A New Dawn for DoubleDutch

“What was previously a dark channel reachable only by microphone and post event email, has become illuminated as physical world event attendees engage and connect with technology.” – @lawrencecoburn, CEO @doubledutch The CEO of event app provider DoubleDutch has boldly declared the end of the legacy event tech era and unveiled his plan for a future the company calls Live Engagement…

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Crisis Management for #Eventprofs

After a few gatherings of the Event Managers Meetup Group, where we have discussed various disasters, a pattern has emerged of the most common crises us #eventprofs have to handle on a regular basis. Looking at feedback from the group, it looks like future discussions will look at digital footprints, social media and content planning,…

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_Karunakar Rayker

Social media self-destruction (and how to avoid it)

Social media is, by its very nature, chatty and colloquial. It lends itself to irreverent comments, pithy one-liners and catty bon mots that make people laugh. When deciding on a ‘voice’ for your event’s social activity, it is important to work out early on where you should draw the line, and decide what kind of things you…

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Measuring Your Event’s Success

Whatever your event’s unique selling point (USP), it is important that you measure its success so you can shout about it later. Often, event organisers make the mistake of using evaluation forms to give themselves a pat on the back. Do not waste this opportunity to benchmark your event against other events and opportunities in…

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Managing the Message: Spinning Into Control

There’s an old Brazilian saying (which I obviously love): “There’s no such thing as an ugly woman, only a poor one”, which I think has relevance for all event managers. Certainly I’ve been caught between a rock and a really ugly place on more than one occasion! When something does go wrong, manage the story…

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