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The latest British Meetings & Events Industry Survey (BMEIS) for 2015/2016 has been published and Allan Norbury, editor of M&IT Magazine interviewed me to hear my thoughts on common points of failure in apps and event technology. I said the biggest bugbear was still finding consistent enough wifi in venues to sustain pricey #eventtech My concern…

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5 things #eventprofs need to nail that job interview!

The Guide to Events has received a number of emails recently from event managers asking for advice on succeeding at interview. I’ve written before about recruiting and managing teams, but I hadn’t covered what to do in the candidate’s chair, so I thought I’d offer readers of The Guide to Events top five tips for #eventprof interviewees……

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What the Marriott-Starwood Merger Means for #eventprofs

Not everyone is happy about the Marriott-Starwood merger, finds The Guide to Events In the days since it was announced that Marriott International would buy Starwood Hotels & Resorts in a $12.2Bn deal, the internet has begun filling with opprobrium for the sale, mostly coming from the USA, with headlines such as “Starwood Devotees Greet…

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Nine Lessons Brides & Grooms can Learn from #eventprofs

9 Lessons Brides and Grooms Can Learn From Eventprofs from The Guide to Events As an event planner, I am lucky to be invited to the weddings of other event manager friends. #eventprof weddings are always a delight, because they run smoothly and the ‘guest journey’ is plotted down to the last detail. The reason…

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Social Media: Find Your Tribe

There are #eventprofs just like you all over the interwebs. Find them, follow them, share ideas, knowledge and best practice with them. The Guide to Events is pretty active on social media as well. Please join us:  on Twitter @guidetoevents.  on Instagram @guidetoevents.  on LinkedIn.  at our real life London Meetup group.


Managing the Message: Spinning Into Control

There’s an old Brazilian saying (which I obviously love): “There’s no such thing as an ugly woman, only a poor one”, which I think has relevance for all event managers. Certainly I’ve been caught between a rock and a really ugly place on more than one occasion! When something does go wrong, manage the story…

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Stuck in a rut: The future of conferencing

I have started thinking about the next book (because at heart I will always be an event manager and we don’t like to only have 83 things to do at any one time!). When I finished writing the Guide to Events, I ended with a parting salvo, which I thought neatly summed up my feelings…

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