Talking Social Media at the #eventprofs Meetup

A brilliant turn-out for this month’s Event Managers’ Meetup, which took place at CodeNode on South Place, London on Thursday evening. More than 30 #eventprofs turned out to see guest speaker Sade Laja, head of digital engagement  at the Digital Catapult gave a fantastic talk about how to build a delegate base for events using social media…

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Crisis Management for #Eventprofs

After a few gatherings of the Event Managers Meetup Group, where we have discussed various disasters, a pattern has emerged of the most common crises us #eventprofs have to handle on a regular basis. Looking at feedback from the group, it looks like future discussions will look at digital footprints, social media and content planning,…

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_Karunakar Rayker

Social media self-destruction (and how to avoid it)

Social media is, by its very nature, chatty and colloquial. It lends itself to irreverent comments, pithy one-liners and catty bon mots that make people laugh. When deciding on a ‘voice’ for your event’s social activity, it is important to work out early on where you should draw the line, and decide what kind of things you…

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5 things #eventprofs need to nail that job interview!

The Guide to Events has received a number of emails recently from event managers asking for advice on succeeding at interview. I’ve written before about recruiting and managing teams, but I hadn’t covered what to do in the candidate’s chair, so I thought I’d offer readers of The Guide to Events top five tips for #eventprof interviewees……

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Social Media: Find Your Tribe

There are #eventprofs just like you all over the interwebs. Find them, follow them, share ideas, knowledge and best practice with them. The Guide to Events is pretty active on social media as well. Please join us:  on Twitter @guidetoevents.  on Instagram @guidetoevents.  on LinkedIn.  at our real life London Meetup group.