Choosing an Events Venue in China

I have been very lucky to work extensively in China, running conferences in a number of industries, like travel and aviation, and as my friends and colleagues in the Peoples’ Republic and across Asia celebrate Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Monkey, I thought it would be timely to post…

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Devs Can Change the World

While running hundreds of conferences and events in emerging technologies, I spend a lot of time with countless software architects, data scientists, full-stack, front-end, back-end and mobile developers. You might know them as ‘geeks’, but I know them for what they are: the passionate, talented people who are building the digital world we all now live in. Their skills are in high…

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A New Dawn for DoubleDutch

“What was previously a dark channel reachable only by microphone and post event email, has become illuminated as physical world event attendees engage and connect with technology.” – @lawrencecoburn, CEO @doubledutch The CEO of event app provider DoubleDutch has boldly declared the end of the legacy event tech era and unveiled his plan for a future the company calls Live Engagement…

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Crisis Management for #Eventprofs

After a few gatherings of the Event Managers Meetup Group, where we have discussed various disasters, a pattern has emerged of the most common crises us #eventprofs have to handle on a regular basis. Looking at feedback from the group, it looks like future discussions will look at digital footprints, social media and content planning,…

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Blockchain: conferencing the zeitgeist

I work in tech. Or rather, I work around tech, being an #eventprof. Over the years, I have produced conferences and events on everything from special needs education to satellite technology and luxury retail to corporate governance. I love this diversity – it exercises the brain and means that no two days are ever the…

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Stuck in a rut: The future of conferencing

I have started thinking about the next book (because at heart I will always be an event manager and we don’t like to only have 83 things to do at any one time!). When I finished writing the Guide to Events, I ended with a parting salvo, which I thought neatly summed up my feelings…

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