Review: Prestonfield House, Edinburgh

“Really comfortable and not overly grand…”

A hidden gem in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat, this a stunning boutique Edinburgh doll’s house of a hotel – with 23 suites and rooms – has some of the most dramatic bedroom decor I have ever seen, in the secluded setting of a country golf course.


It is also home to The Stables. The website claims this to be a “500 seat circular Gregorian ballroom”, but I ran a dinner here for 250 and it was quite cosy… it certainly didn’t feel too big for those numbers.

Because of the shape, running a gala dinner in The Stables feels a bit like doing a mini-Roundhouse dinner. The food is stunning, the team are all lovely and extremely helpful and the venue has all the standard technology you need for an event, with customisable LED lighting both inside and out. I was initially let down by the basic terracotta tiled toilets, which felt like they belonged in a 1990s rugby club, but actually, they sort complemented the atmosphere of the place, which was really comfortable and not overly grand for a corporate group who just wanted to let their hair down and do some easy networking.


Welcome: 10/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Tech-friendly: 7/10
Quality: 8/10
Food & drink: 8/10
Location: 7/10
Combined score: 49/60 = 82%


Last visited: October 2017

Editor • 8th October 2017

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