Stuck in a rut: The future of conferencing

I have started thinking about the next book (because at heart I will always be an event manager and we don’t like to only have 83 things to do at any one time!). When I finished writing the Guide to Events, I ended with a parting salvo, which I thought neatly summed up my feelings…

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Event managers : Building an exciting new network

Woke up yesterday morning feeling a little bit nervous about an event – which is highly irregular for me: in my role as head of events at the Digital Catapult, where we organise or host between 20 and 25 events every month, stage fright would be a bit of a barrier to success! The reason for…

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Event Managers: Creating Opportunities to Meet

There has been a tangible move in the last few years towards events as a forum for peer-to-peer meetings. Indeed, with many industries badly burned by (and still recovering from) the global recession, there has never been more emphasis on return on investment (ROI) – the events which show the greatest growth are ones which…

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