Measuring Your Event’s Success

Whatever your event’s unique selling point (USP), it is important that you measure its success so you can shout about it later. Often, event organisers make the mistake of using evaluation forms to give themselves a pat on the back. Do not waste this opportunity to benchmark your event against other events and opportunities in your industry.

Far too many events ask delegates: “how useful did you find the conference” or “please rate the networking events from 1 to 10”. What organisers should be doing is asking about comparative value: “how useful did you find XYZ conference in comparison to other conferences in this sector”; “are there elements of other conferences you feel are more effective than ours”; “do you feel XYZ conference delivers value for money / return on investment”.

Remember, no one else can see the answers, so these really are for your benefit. If your event is not delivering ROI, this will give you an opportunity to find out why, so you can fix it for the next one. If your conference is not as good as a competitor’s, you can find out why they are winning more delegates than you and level the playing field by offering more than they do.

The important thing is to approach this process without ego. You might think that your event is best because it offers the most sumptuous lunch or the best keynote speakers… but if your delegates are looking for more one-to-one meeting time or the chance to find new products from an exhibition, you will need to offer those things – and shout about it – in order to convince them to return next time and spend their tight budgets on your event, rather than some other training or marketing activity.


Editor • 24th October 2015

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