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WhatsApp for room service

#EventprofReads: Week 80

Here’s this week’s #EventprofReads roundup, curated for you by The Guide to Events on Twitter and the Eventprofs London LinkedIn group. Please share with colleagues and add your comments. We hope you enjoy!  Here’s what we learned this week…

How a cyber attack & data breach typically plays out inside a firm, according to BBC:

“… A poor knowledge of data breach laws has made the company vulnerable. They clearly didn’t have a breach policy in place nor did they know who was responsible for each role or what they should be doing.”

That AmEx M&E has launched an enhanced solution to protect Eventprofs against risk in China, in C&MW:

“… solution is designed to maximise control throughout the end-to-end meetings process, and help mitigate key risks such as bribery, fraudulent activities and receipts, and third-party money funnelling.”

That Facebook wants more bank data to rebuild trust with users, in Finextra:

“… At least one large US bank has walked away from talks in light of the ongoing investigations into Facebook’s data sharing practices.”

That you can now WhatsApp for room service with Accor, in C&MW:

“… The use of WhatsApp has increased exponentially over the past few years and is a platform most of our guests tell us they feel very comfortable using.”

And finally… Event VR at scale – an interesting case study of providing a corporate VR experience for 120 delegates, in Event Industry News:

“…Blue Hire provides a support technician for every 30 participants in a VR session, to rectify any problems with the hardware or individuals’ experience. But the testing and the explanation in front of the programme means there are few issues.”


Editor • 11th August 2018

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