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#EventprofReads: Week 73

Here’s this week’s #EventprofReads roundup, curated for you by The Guide to Events on Twitter and the Eventprofs London LinkedIn group. Please share with colleagues and add your comments. We hope you enjoy!  Here’s what we learned this week…

That the Association of Association Executives has launched a dedicated service for association #eventprofs across Europe, from M&IT:

“…This service we are launching provides business-critical guidance, best practice and education that supports conference and event strategists and managers.”

What happens when strangers hack your ‘smart home’, in Vanity Fair:

“…users reported their Amazon Echo devices were turning themselves on, responding to an unrelated question or merely to silence, and—most disturbing of all—spontaneously bursting into laughter.”

That sometimes you really don’t have enough time to do it all, in The Guardian:

“…it means sacrifice – figuring out what you’re willing to abandon or fail at, in order to do what matters even more.”

Why you’re unlikely to get sucked out of a plane window, in Wired:

“…[keeping your seatbelt on will] prevent you bouncing off the ceiling if there is any unexpected turbulence.”

And finally…what the pre-email, 19th Century ‘pneu’ messaging network looked like, in 1843 Magazine:

“…At its inauguration in 1897, a tortoise-shell cat was sent from the south end of Broadway to Park Row, nearly a mile uptown. The cat was dazed, but otherwise unharmed.”


Editor • 19th May 2018

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