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A cavalier attitude to privacy

#EventprofReads: Week 57

Here’s the latest #EventprofReads roundup, curated for you by The Guide to Events on Twitter and the Eventprofs London LinkedIn group. Please share with colleagues and add your comments. We hope you enjoy!  Here’s what we learned this week…

The FCC has officially voted (3 to 2) to kill net neutrality, in TechCrunch:

“… This decision puts the Federal Communications Commission on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the law, and the wrong side of the American public.”

Inside the Trump administration’s campaign against science at the USDA, from Vanity Fair:

“… Where you live in this country makes a huge difference if you are poor… And it’s not just the weather. You have states with these 60- or 70-page documents people have to fill out to get benefits. Poor people are easy to wear down.”

That Trump’s accusers should be heard, according to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, in The New York Times:

“…I think we heard from them prior to the election. And I think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way, they have every right to speak up.”

That Netflix has decided to remind everyone it’s creeping on them, in TechCrunch:

“…a very cavalier attitude to privacy which raises serious questions about how or even whether the company limits employee access to user data and individuals’ viewing habits.”

And finally… A guide to surviving the office Christmas party hangover, from GQ Magazine:

“…Avoid carbonated drinks: they increase your stomach pressures and forces alcohol quicker into your bloodstream.”


Editor • 15th December 2017

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