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Brexit’s golden age of tourism

#EventprofReads: Week 47

Here’s the latest #EventprofReads roundup, curated for you by The Guide to Events on Twitter and the Eventprofs London LinkedIn group. Please share with colleagues and add your comments. We hope you enjoy!  Here’s what we learned this week…

The Trump administration wants Wall Street to police itself and self-report its crimes, in Vanity Fair:

“…the agency will ‘increasingly look to banks and other financial institutions to come clean on their own about misconduct and problems in the market.’ If only the C.F.T.C. had tried such a trusting approach in the run-up to 2008, perhaps the dearly departed Lehman Brothers would still be around today!”

That Angela Merkel’s victory Is dimmed by rise of Germany’s far Right, in The New York Times:

“…Christian Democrats won, the center held, but it was weakened. The results made clear that far-right populism — and anxieties over security and national identity — were far from dead in Europe.”

That busy portfolio worker George Osborne has taken on his 7th job, in The Guardian:

“…Osborne did, however, say the roles would be ‘a unique opportunity for me to connect to Stanford and the west coast’. He added: ‘Whatever you’ve done in your life, you should never stop learning and wanting to understand the future’.”

That men should learn to never act their age, from GQ Magazine:

“…We must fight against stereotypes, behave as we please – within reasonable limits of kindness, propriety and the law – and refuse to conform to restrictions that want to age us before our time. Wear the loud red shirt and the short-shorts, take over the dance floor, run the marathon, be sexy under your own terms and reject the validation of any generation, above or below you.”

And finally… Hilton’s UK boss says we are entering a golden age of tourism thanks to Brexit, in the Huffington Post:

“…There’s no doubt about it that the exchange rate devaluation last year has seen an uptick in the number of visitors to the UK, as the UK has become much more price attractive to international visitors as a consequence.”

Editor • 30th September 2017

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