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Trump’s Evil Olympics

#EventprofReads: Week 43

Here’s the latest #EventprofReads roundup, curated for you by The Guide to Events on Twitter and the Eventprofs London LinkedIn group. Please share with colleagues and add your comments. We hope you enjoy!  Here’s what we learned this week…

YouTube has finally started hiding extremist videos (even if it won’t delete them all), in Fast Company:

“…deal with videos that brush against, but don’t quite cross, the line to merit an outright ban—hiding them behind a warning page, forbidding ads, disabling comments and likes, and keeping them out of “Up next” suggested video lists.”

That Business Events Canada has launched a digital hub to attract international #eventprofs, in C&MW:

“…Most planners already know Canada offers tremendous opportunities. By aligning with our vertical sectors and showcasing the unique experiences available here, we will expand on that knowledge base.”

Why Facebook is facing a demographic time bomb, from Vanity Fair:

“…Facebook, of course, has been … using an app called Onavo Protect to observe its users’ behavior on their phones, helping Facebook see where they spend their time outside of Facebook’s stable of apps, sending anonymized data in real-time to Facebook, including information about what apps users have on their phones, and how often they open them.”

That machines trained on photos are learning to be sexist towards women, in Wired:

“…In the researchers’ tests, people pictured in kitchens, for example, became even more likely to be labeled “woman” than reflected the training data.”

And finally… Why Theresa May needs to rescind Trump’s offer of a state visit, in the Guardian:

“…A visit by this president would be a sort of Evil Olympics: an infrastructural nightmare reducing the capital city to chaos and leaving crowds of people angry and miserable.”

Editor • 25th August 2017

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