Ultimate Event Cocktails

In the run up to this festive season, I have found myself designing, interpreting, making and drinking a lot of cocktails, so as my special Christmas present to you, I would like to offer all you lovely The Guide to Events readers and followers the recipes for my top three event cocktails right now. Perhaps you could enjoy…

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Planning Your #Eventprof Career

Over 40 event professionals at all levels gathered on Tuesday 08 November for the Eventprofs London meetup to discuss Planning your Eventprof Career at the Digital Catapult Centre in London’s King’s Cross.  The evening began with drinks and networking, followed by a short talk by the Catapult’s head of events, Alex Vail on how to…

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Running Big Events in Small Businesses

At the Eventprofs London meetup this week, we talked about the challenges facing small event teams and looked at what you need to know and do to still run major live events when your resources are stretched pretty thin. Here’s The Guide to Events‘ advice on doing just that:


The Death of Event Sponsorship?

I’ve been thinking about event sponsorship lately: the financial cornerstone of corporate events. Conferences and exhibitions (and particularly ‘conf-ex’ hybrids) convene in every country/industry/language under a seemingly infinite number of banners, but when you strip away all that variety, what every corporate event boils down to is creating opportunities for likeminded people to spend time…

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[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del]… So how was it?

All eyes were on the [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] event today to see just how a global virtual event would work. In his intro, organiser Aaron Kaufman said there were close to 1,000 #eventprofs taking part, live in New York, Amsterdam and at 15 pop-up venues across the world, with over 400 people tuning in online. This would…

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Signalling the future with guest wifi…?

I have had two conversations and been pointed to two separate articles in the last week, all about how venues control their onsite wifi, so I’m wondering… is controlling the internet a new trend? Yesterday, Ars Technica published a really interesting article about the legal compliance and responsibilities for any venues (in the UK) offering…

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Talking Social Media at the #eventprofs Meetup

A brilliant turn-out for this month’s Event Managers’ Meetup, which took place at CodeNode on South Place, London on Thursday evening. More than 30 #eventprofs turned out to see guest speaker Sade Laja, head of digital engagement  at the Digital Catapult gave a fantastic talk about how to build a delegate base for events using social media…

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Devs Can Change the World

While running hundreds of conferences and events in emerging technologies, I spend a lot of time with countless software architects, data scientists, full-stack, front-end, back-end and mobile developers. You might know them as ‘geeks’, but I know them for what they are: the passionate, talented people who are building the digital world we all now live in. Their skills are in high…

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The #eventprofs guide to #LDNTechWeek

The engine is starting to rev up for this year’s edition of London Technology Week (20-26 June) but if you don’t sign up quickly, you’ll miss out. It can be exhausting to wade through the list of hundreds of #eventtech events taking place across the thriving technology hub that is the city of London, so here’s…

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A New Dawn for DoubleDutch

“What was previously a dark channel reachable only by microphone and post event email, has become illuminated as physical world event attendees engage and connect with technology.” – @lawrencecoburn, CEO @doubledutch The CEO of event app provider DoubleDutch has boldly declared the end of the legacy event tech era and unveiled his plan for a future the company calls Live Engagement…

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